A photograph of entrepreneur and philanthropist Matt Bird

Helping Matt Maintain Forward Momentum

Our Side Of The Story

Working with Matt is a delight. He is selfless and tireless, motivated by his work and motivating to everyone around him.

Helping him develop the websites for his charitable and consulting work, we have iterated sites annually so that Matt remains responsive to his audiences and is always able to seize any opportunities that arise.

In Matt's Own Words

I was initially referred to Storyhouse by another supplier because I needed some help with strategic communications.

I had a chat on the phone with Andy and I liked the sound of him. He seemed like a make it happen kind of person, he’s certainly lived up to that.

At the NGO I lead our work has majored on our website. Storyhouse helped me understand who the audience is and how we could create a message for them when they land on the site.

The first thing people do is check our website when they hear about our work. They want to know if what we do is clear, credible and appealing? Andy’s part in building the brand and building confidence globally has been really important.

What I like about working with Storyhouse is that once we’ve agreed the priorities, we just get on and do the work. No excuses, no delays, always on time and always on the button.

I’m a no-nonsense person, I don’t like excuses and Andy is that kind of guy himself. He gets it right. When I come up with a problem he comes up with a solution. He does exactly what he says he’s going to do, and then some.
I would recommend Andy to anyone - he really went above and beyond to create something completely unique and personal for me. Trust your web designer!
Katie Tavini

Weird Jungle Mastering Collective

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